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Thrilled and grateful! Another 5-STAR Goodreads review for my short story collection: The Human Ambit

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My Works

I was a girl, who ran like a boy, shameless and unafraid  ...

The Human Ambit
Love, ambition, revenge and the ambit of other good human stuff told in thirteen short tales with humour, honesty and the odd kick in your contemplative capacity. Being human isn’t always pretty, but it’s pretty interesting and sometimes it’s really, really good.
Look for my Novel in 2017
"A wild heart can never be broken."

Click the Chapter One link above to begin reading about the adventures of headstrong Annabel Cameron on the American frontier.

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Born and raised in Niagara, Canada, I am a former science teacher now writing historical fiction. I like variety, as in the seasons of the year and contrasting opinions and a good buffet. My idea of heaven is a well-stocked library, and I love to dance.

Lately in Niagara

FEBRUARY, 2016 ... Sunday night at the arena ....  From guest blogger, my thirteen-year-old nephew John:


Hockey. The true Canadian sport and I love the game. What's not to love? A fast, intense sport played on ice, work as a team and win the game. Hockey is my favourite sport for the sole reason, it’s fun. It's exciting when you get around a player and you’re one-on-one with the goalie. It’s also great because you work together and it builds teamwork.  Hockey isn't an easy sport to master but it’s fun to learn new things and to watch yourself improve. Hockey is my favourite and the best sport in my opinion. 

JANUARY, 2016 ... Here's me, on the right, with two of my sisters, enjoying a recent Niagara Wine Festival event in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Our cabernet kept us warm.
Icewine is sweetness made from stress. Every winter Niagara grapes are left to freeze on the vine—the worst thing that normally can happen to fruit. The brutal cold forces all the natural sugar into the core of the grape, where it waits to be pressed out. The hardest weather makes the nicest wine, a thought provoking paradox.
Just as remembering winter in spring makes it all the more lovely.


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